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Lumia Delicado

Lumia Delicado multifunctional beauty device uses a Medical LED combined with heat, vibration, and far-infrared technology. Thanks to the small treatment head, you can perform a targeted treatment around the eyes, mouth, and nose to tighten the skin across the delicate facial areas, such as the periorbital, perioral and nasolabial folds. With Lumia Delicado, you can finally renew and regenerate the skin without harsh chemicals and creams.

The device comes with a detachable silicone head used for cleansing, exfoliating, and massaging the skin. This hygienic silicone head helps remove 97% of all dirt, bacteria, makeup, and oil left on the skin. The silicone head gives your face a deeper cleanse and can remove what your hands cannot clean. Use our Delicado to better absorb any cream, serum, or mask you apply to your face.

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Color: White